32G Intrathecal Catheter System 11-7cm accepts 27g ndl


32ga Mouse Catheter System - This catheter system offers the smallest diameter catheter/stylet product available for murine procedures. Ultra-thin diameter catheters for applications in mice. This 32ga murine catheter is a key component of a withdrawal/ delivery system specifically developed for use in mice and other small research animals. A significant achievement over standard polyethylene-based products, its material and small size combine to produce a minimally reactive catheter, thereby reducing catheter-induced artifacts that could obscure experimental observations. Suitable for cardiovascular, intracranial, and other applications. Includes: 11.7cm 32ga (0.010" OD/0.005" ID) polyurethane catheter. Bonded connection assembly flared to accept a 27ga needle 0.003" diameter Teflon -coated stainless steel stylet to facilitate placement. Individually packaged.

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