VentStar Small Animal Ventilator


Animal ventilator is the most common instrument for assisting animal respiration, which is widely used in scientific researches of preclinical medicine, clinical medicine and veterinary medicine (such as myocardial ischemia model), as well as respiratory management in animal surgery, emergency treatment and respiratory therapy. Features: Suitable for mice, rats and guinea pigs and other animals weighing 10g-1kg; Input power range: 100 ~ 240V, 50 /60Hz, 24V, 40W, 1.67A adapter DC power supply, safe and effective; Provide safe and effective intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV), volume and pressure modes are available; Sound, intelligent text, error code and other fault alarm alerts; Small size, compact layout, flexible operation; 7 inches LCD touch screen,wide-angle visual; The pressure-time graph can be displayed in real time in volume and pressure modes 10 groups of different respiratory parameters can be stored and called, which is convenient and efficient; The breathing frequency can be switched between 10 ~ 300bpm; Tidal volume range:0.05ml ~ 5ml; Airway pressure range: 1~50cmH 2O, the accuracy range: ±0.7 cmH 2 O; positive end; expiratory pressure (PEEP) range is 0~10cmH 2O; Set the respiratory parameters such as PIP/PEEP/Sigh/INSP.Hold/EXP.Hold; After sumitting the animal weight, and the device automatically sets the reference breathing parameters; The adjustable range of I:E ratio is from 20% to 80%; the sigh increases the tidal volume from 0 to 20%, and can set auto-sigh once after every 10 to 999 breaths or manual control.

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