Goldenrod Animal Lancet


With the GoldenRod Animal Lancet you can now take multiple blood samples from small animals in the same day and never lose or hurt an animal. Speed up the blood collecting process with this specially designed and sterile, disposable blood lancet that is inexpensive, easy, and fast to use in three point lengths: 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm for various size animals and volumes required. Safe - Won't hurt the animal Easy to Use - Works every time Consistent amounts of blood each test Rapid Collection - blood flow stops in seconds Allows Multiple Tests of the same animal Fast - Sterile ready for use Disposable - No cross contamination Humane - Similar lancets are used on humans Inexpensive - reduce research costs Goldenrod Lancets come in several point lengths for various size animals and blood volumes required. Choose The Proper Lancet Point Length Corresponding To The Age Of The Mouse And The Volume Of Blood Needed. Point Lengths For Mice: 3mm - for only 1 or 2 drops 4mm - under 2 months 5mm - 2 to 6 months 5.5mm - over 6 months For Rats: 5.5mm - 6 mm Under 3 months 6mm or 7mm - 3 to 4 months 7mm or 8mm - over 5 months Unanesthetized rats can be manually restrained for access to the saphenous vessel. One rear leg is isolated and a scalpel blade used to bluntly remove hair over the vessel. A small amount of Puralube ointment is applied topically prior to pricking the vein with the MEDIpoint's lancet. The Puralube ointment allows the blood drop to remain localized and away from the skin and hair on the leg. Approximately 4 - 5 drops of whole blood (~100 µl) can then be directly collected into a collection tube, prior to sample analysis. Blood flow can be stopped at any time by applying a compress to the site for a few moments. For Saphenous Bleed use a 3mm or 4mm point length.

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