MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler with 96 well block


The MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler produces consistent, reliable results while making gradient technology affordable. This unit is extremely simple to program, compact in design and built to perform. Rapid heating and cooling of precision machined sample block is achieved by six Peltier modules. Temperature sensors across the block feed data to the microprocessor to control operation of the system and ensure accuracy and uniformity. Two types of temperature control are selectable: Block control uses actual temperature of the block to adjust heating and cooling input. Tube control uses a sophisticated algorithm program that calculates sample temperature based on volume and triggers heating and cooling accordingly to provide quick temperature change in sample and minimize over-and-undershoot. Programming is very intuitive. Large, back-lit LCD displays alphanumeric characters and a graphical representation of program steps. Simple, on-screen instructions guide user through programming process. MultiGene OptiMax is provided with common pre-programmed protocols which are easily edited by navigating to appropriate parameter with arrow keys and entering a new value. A variety of applications can be performed from single temperature soaks to sophisticated multi-step programs. All of these are easily set up. Time or temperature of a cycling step can be automatically increased or decreased during successive cycles. This is useful for "touchdown" applications and extending annealing times as enzyme is depleted. Programs may also be paused while running. During operation, actual times and temperatures are displayed. Estimated run times are automatically calculated and a log of the last run can be displayed or downloaded to a PC. Gradient Capability - MultiGene cycler block can be programmed to operate with uniform temperature across the block for consistent results, or with a temperature gradient for protocol optimization. Heated lid is fully adjustable to provide proper pressure for use with different height tubes as well as plates. A compression mat is provided to ensure even pressure when using plates. For optimum performance, temperature of the lid may be programmed. To ensure that users never come in contact with hot surface, lid slides back and away from samples. In addition to eliminating risk of burns, this also provides complete access to samples. Lid can also be flipped up for cleaning. Specifications: Sample capacity: 1 x 96 well plate, 12 - 8 x 0.2ml strip tubes, 96 x 0.2ml tubes; Programmable temperature range: 4 degrees C to 99.9 degrees C; Temperature accuracy/uniformity: ±0.5 degrees C/±0.5 degrees C; Heating/cooling method: Peltier; Maximum heating/cooling rate: 4 degrees C/3 degrees C per second; Dimensions: (W x D x H) 24cm x 42cm x 25cm; Temperature control: calculated or block; Temperature range of 6-segment blocks 30 degrees C to 99 degrees C. Temperature of 6-segment blocks can be set independently; Maximum temperature difference between 6-segment blocks 24 degrees C; 6-segement temperature blocks 6 temperature blocks in 4 x 4 well format; Programmable lid temperature 60 degrees to 65 degrees C, 100 degrees to 115 degrees C; Program memory 200 complete programs; Temperature increments/decrements; Time increments/decrements; User program folders 50 sets; Allows for password protected programs; Communication USB and RS232 ports

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