Pipette Checkit Pro


More accurate measurements. Certified. 3D bar coded serial number allowing a user to download CoA and production run information specific to that device. Markings now feature absolute values instead of % error (so 19uL, 20uL, 21uL). 5 Individually packed units per box. CONFIDENCE IN YOUR RESULTS Do your experiments with confidence, knowing that your pipettes are delivering accurate volumes. INSTANT, EASY VERIFICATION ANYWHERE! Evaluate pipette accuracy on the spot in just seconds - no matter where you are. Why mess with a scale? NO MORE PRECAUTIONARY CALIBRATION No unnecessary downtime while your pipettes are out for calibration. And no wasted calibration fees. Don't take a chance when you're setting up an experiment with precious samples or expensive reagents. A worn or damaged pipette can drift out of calibration quickly – get early warning before there's a problem. Keep Checkits in the lab for instant confirmation of pipette accuracy - Instant checks anytime. Confirm accuracy between calibrations to prevent performance drifts. Use the Checkit as a training tool to verify proper technique. Train students and technicians that good pipetting technique is an important part of laboratory success. The Checkit requires no special training and is easy to use even for novice lab members.

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