Smart Tager


Continuous Small Lab Animals Ear Tag Applicator for Mouse and Rats. SMART Tager is an innovative applicator, which allows for continuous and fast application of ear tags to lab animals for the purpose of labeling, category and management. Unlike any other ear applicators, SMART Tager is specifically designed and built for continuous ear tagging. One single load of ear tag strip is able to label 10 animals. Easy, Fast and Efficient! SMART Tager and tags can be sterilized at 1350 C for one hour. Tags are made of clinically proven metals, and Ear tag strips are adhered with medical grade epoxy resin, which will not cause allergy, or tissue damage. Single ear tag inside: 7/16" length x 9/64" height Single ear tag outside: 9/16" length x 3/16" height x .140" width

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